Family Law and Divorce

A relationship ending in divorce can be an emotional time in a person’s life, which can cause a stalemate when seeking the results that you want. The attorneys at Thomson Law are experienced in all aspects of family law and have supported hundreds of people in Hamilton and Clermont County as they navigate through various divorce situations. We provide honest, fair advice and representation to help you through this life transition.

Clarity During A Complicated Time

Divorce can look many ways, including a division of assets, custody agreements, spousal support and more. There are also legal options outside of divorce, such as separation, mediation or dissolution, that our family law attorneys can assist with.

Division of assets like property, retirement accounts and other investments in a divorce can become complicated. The family law attorneys at Thomson law know that everyone’s situation is unique, and we work with our clients to understand the facts, their feelings and to prepare your case.

Going Beyond Division of Assets

One of the most concerning aspects of going through a divorce is child custody. Money, retirement accounts, property, and other assets can, for the most part, be divided on a spreadsheet. Children can’t. The impact that divorce or dissolution can have on a child far outweighs the balance in any account.

The attorneys at Thomson Law understand these concerns and work with you to discuss your particular situation, explain your parental rights, develop child custody agreements, parenting plans and visitation schedules. Your child’s best interest will always be our main focus.

We have extensive, first hand experience with the family dynamics that result in a divorce, juvenile and probate courts. Whether you are seeking an adoption, guardianship, or custody, we will always put your child first.

If you need a divorce and family law attorney, call the experienced professionals at Thomson Law, Co. at 513-831-3373 or click below to schedule a consultation. Our office is located off US 50 in Milford OH, and we serve all of Hamilton County, Clermont County and Northern Kentucky.