Local Bankruptcy Representation in Clermont, Hamilton and Surrounding Counties

We don’t judge. Everyone’s life experience is different. Health issues, whether it’s you or in your family, divorce, job loss, impulsive spending habits – whatever the cause, there are federal laws in place to help you recover and get a fresh start to your life. Thomson Law can help you take advantage of your legal rights.

Being in debt can be a stressful time for individuals and their families. Creditors calling and bills piling up may leave you feeling out of control of your financial situation. Thomson Law has helped countless people with debt management strategies and bankruptcy filings in Ohio.

People in need of a fresh start depend on the attorneys at Thomson law to help them navigate the bankruptcy process to move forward with their life.

Experience Matters

We are experienced in Chapter 7, liquidation, and Chapter 13 repayment plan, bankruptcies. Chapter 7 can provide relief from creditor calls and other debt recovery tactics and Chapter 13 can assist in consolidating your debt and preventing foreclosure and repossession of your assets, such as your home or car.

Clients call us first when they need a reprieve from creditor harassment and garnishment or just need a consultation. Our attorneys can help you determine if you should file for bankruptcy, help you choose the best bankruptcy solution for you and can get you on the road to being debt free.

Call Thomson Law today at 513-831-3373 to discuss debt management strategies, creditor negotiations and pre-bankruptcy planning, or click below to schedule a consultation. Our office is located off US 50 in Milford OH, and we serve all of Hamilton, Clermont County and the Surrounding Counties.